How do I search?

Type in where you want to go in the search field at voya.ge and press enter. The search engine will center on your destination and show you markers for all the Vacation Rentals. The list below the map has all the properties ordered by distance from the center of your search. No subjective sorting criteria, just clear information.

What are the round markers?

Google maps now has integrated clustering. So instead of seeing thousands of little bubbles, you have properties grouped until you are zoomed in enough to tell them apart.

Who advertises on voya.ge ?

People who have rentals with individual personalities. The listings you see should represent one unit in accordance with our terms of use

How much does it cost to add a listing on voya.ge ?

Just 10$, we want to make sure a listing represents just one rental unit so it needs to be affordable. Voya.ge has no other ads then your listings and we invest in improving tools and visibility so it can’t be free.

I like what you do, how can I help?

Wow thanks! We really appreciate it. You can tell your friends to start their Vacation Rental search with Voya.ge. Our inventory isn’t the largest yet but our search engine is faster. You can Like and Share us on Facebook, google+, Twitter, our blog and comment on our Forum. You can link to us from your website too if you want. Feel free to use the logo below.