What is Voya.ge?

Voya.ge is a search engine to help you find your perfect apartment, condo, house or cottage rental faster. The less time it takes you to find what you are looking for the happier we are. You can get in touch directly with owners so there is no friction and no commission.

What does it cost?

At Voya.ge, we are committed to creating a diverse rental market. Whether you own a castle, a cottage or a cabana, the cost per posting is just US$10. We believe our pricing is minimal, fair, and most importantly, gives travelers the benefit of a wide selection of rental properties.

Who is behind Voya.ge?

Luc and Vincent. We are rental property owners, designers and programmers. But mostly we love to travel. We created Voya.ge because shopping for Vacation Rentals is a pain and advertising Vacation Rentals is even worse. We respect your time, your wallet and your privacy. That is why you won’t find tiered listings, external ads or mailing lists on Voya.ge. Just a fast search engine that takes you to Property Rental listings packed with clear information.

Why should I add my property?

We get traffic and you will get clients. Until you do we will gladly renew your listing for free. You don’t have to update your calendar with us. If you have an ical feed, your availabilities will update themselves. Your listing has direct links to your website, facebook and Google page. It is good for your web ranking and for our Karma. We write Open Source Software for Vacation Rentals . Because we don’t believe control keeps people honest. Plus Vacation Rentals are all different so you should be in full control of your software’s source code.

What is our advertisement policy?

Voya.ge strives to be user-friendly and we ask that property owners using our site do the same. Each rental property should have its own advertisement with a picture, description and an explanation of the rental costs associated with that property alone. If you own two or more similar properties, both should be depicted in an individual advertisement. We ask that the additional units have a unique name so that travelers using our site can make the distinction. We like clarity and so do the travelers using our site.
For more details on our policies please go to User Agreement